Why use an Investment Advisor?

1. You want the peace of mind that your assets are being continuously monitored

2. You do not have the time to research opportunities and monitor investments

3. You need personalized advice: what works for your friends may not work for you

4. You want assistance
in selecting the best investments for your portfolios and avoiding excessive risk to reach your financial goals


Why BFM?

and No conflict of interest
BFM will never accept third-party incentives, as that would compromise the integrity and impartiality of our advice

A commission-paid advisor is motivated to sell products regardless of your needs. This creates a conflict between the advisor's income incentive and the client's objective advice. This conflict undermines an advisor's independence


Fiduciary duty
As an independent Registered Investment Advisor and CFA charterholder, we act in a fiduciary capacity with our clients. We place your interests ahead of ours. Most investment advisors do not have a fiduciary obligation to you

BFM is required by law to act in a fiduciary capacity regarding our relationship with our clients. As such, we will place the interests of our clients ahead of our own, at all times, without exception. Our incentives are aligned with our clients' investment performance. Compensation comes from only one source: you, our client.

Our investment approach is highly disciplined, and based on academic research. Our clients have an optimized portfolio based on their goals, risk tolerance and situation.